The Vision

December 31, 2007

Once when I was kneeling in prayer at home, the Lord “took me to the place at Calvary”. I saw the people dressed in biblical garments, and hearing the deep gut rendering cries and moans of Mary, and the others.

I saw the blood come pouring down on the ground from the cross of Jesus. Hearing the grunts as the nails were pounded into Our Savior’s hands and feet. I couldn’t see His face, as it was a blur, but I knew for a fact that it was Him!

The sobbing, heart rendering grief of Mary as she wept.

Yes, the Lord let me “see a glimpse” of what happened that day. I shall never forget that moment. I am sooooo glad that the Lord saw fit to show me a little bit of Him! I love Him for that!


New Year 2008

December 31, 2007

Let us start the new year great, putting a smile upon our face!

Always early and never late,

Keeping things up to date!

Why worry, and stress

Let us make this coming year the best!

Let the devil be the one tempted and tried!

Our Savior is the One who bled and died!

Christ the Lord was crucified,

But yet He rose again

When to Heaven’s home

One day He will take us home

No more on this earth to roam!